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Coat of Arms of  J. Stewart A. LeForte 
Coat of Arms granted to John Stewart A. LeForte and the other direct descendants (with appropriate differences)of George Peter LeForte (ne LaFargue) and Helen Louise MacIsaac (nee Bradley) on April 23 1996 by the Heraldic Authorithy of Canada, Ottawa: Arms: Argenton a bend bretessed Azure cotised Sable between in chief and  in base a Latin cross fleuryGules  a key ward upwards between two fleur-de-lys all bendwise Or.
Rationale: An ancient de Lafargue Coat of Arms read: Or aazure bend cotised sable (black). This formed the foundation for the Shield of the Coat of Arms. The Gold background was changed to White - which gives it a predominately White and Blue coat of Arms reminencent of the Coat of Arms of Nova Scotia where Grandpa and Grandma LeForte raised their family. The Blue Bend is indented to "cant" the name LeForte (fortress walls). The Black lines were retained to represent the coal mines of Glace Bay, the Birthplace of George LeForte and where his wife was raised. The Crosses: are red to recall the Cross of St. George and to recall that according to legend St. Helen found the True Cross - so, both crosses refer to George and Helen LeForte. The Gold Key on the Blue Bend is a reference to St. Peter, George's second name and to my name of Stewart, i.e. one who cares for things - i.e. a steward. The two fleur-de-lys recall the fact that we have French on Both sides of our family tree: de Lafargue/LeForte and Boutilier (Helen's mother's maiden name was Boutilier). With the two crosses, the two fleur-de-lys, and the key - there are five elements representing the five children of Helen and George LeForte.
  Crest: On a helmet mantledAzure doubled Argent within a wreath of these colours issuant from a coronet rim set above alternately with maple leaves Or and saltires Azure a demi-tower Argent masoned Sable issuant thereof an eagle winds elevated and addorsed Or head Argent bearing in its beak Or a cross fleury fitchy Gules. The helmet is common to most Coats of Arms. The flowing material represents the fabric that hung at the back and neck of the helmet to prevent the Sun from causing sunstroke, etc. The crest coronet is made of Maple Leafs and Cross Saltires (X's) to represent Canada and Nova Scotia, as well, the "X" recalls St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish NS, my alma mater. The demi-tower is again a canting, or play on the name "LeForte". The Eagle is used because there were eagles in an ancient d' Etcheverry (Dad's Mother's Maiden Name) Coat of Arms. The head of the bald eagle is a symbol for the Bras d'Or Lakes Scenic Drive in Cape Breton where I live. Mottos:
(Above the Crest) In Hoc Signo Amas. - translation: IN This Sign Love
(Below the Shield) Turris Fortis Mihi Deus. Translat.: God is my Tower of  Strength.
© Image and Blazon April 23 1996
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