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Bélard da Fonseca John Billing Lewis Jaffe Swedish Bookplates Kamel-Kelisli-Morali Johan Deboutte P. Kurrild-Klitgaard W. P. Boswell E. Ploysongsang Casas y Sánchez P. R. Giangreco Gary Smith David T. Boven Stewart A. Saint-David G. Lucki   Posting the Cyber Journal of Heraldic Bookplates,  back in 1998, the editors - a Portuguese and a Canadian both  bookplate and heraldry lovers - qualified it as an «international venture» having opened its pages to heraldic ex libris submissions.

Since then, several visitors of our Web Site have kindly submitted bookplates through the provided form.

Nevertheless, many failed to provide the required information or the ex libris scanned image and so we have so far only posted a dozen submissions.

The bookplates vary in style, quality and technique used but it is noteworthy the fact that we even have examples of CDG applied to heraldic bookplates coming from the USA.


© 1998-2006- José Vicente de Bragança (Portugal) & J. Stewart A. LeForte (Canada), editors

Last updated: 11-09-2006