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This is a list of Web sites on Heraldry that we consider informative and of considerable quality. Take a look and see if they get your approval too. If you have any sites you think we should check out, please email us (see Contact page).

We have made an effort to review the links posted and we have noticed that many have broken links. Those have been withdrawn from this page. Please report broken links and whenever the URL is changed do report it. Thanks.

Section 1: Heraldry and Bookplates

The Bookplate Society

Scottish Bookplates by Sir Ilay Campbell of Succoth Bt.

Baronage - Classical HeraldryNew.gif

The Society of Heraldic Arts, has pages on fine Heraldic Artists:

John Ferguson - Heraldic Artist and Designer

Kevin Arkinstal Heraldic Artist - Illuminator

Dennis Endean Ivall

Gordon Macpherson and also at:

Bookplates - Gordon Macpherson

Daniel de Bruin - Heraldic Artist and Bookplate collector

Richard Crossett - Heraldic Artist

Fernand Brosse - Maitre graveur, enlummeur et héraldiste

Didier Nemerlin - Dessinateur Héraldiste

Laurent Granier - Héraldiste

Marco Foppoli an Italian Heraldic Artist

Pascal Douliere

Ex Libris- a German collector's site with Heraldic bookplates

The Confederation´s Art Studio «Signum Nobile» (In Polish)

Russian Heraldry - an outstanding article by Dr. Mikhail Medvedev

Section 2: Heraldry & Armorials

Heraldica, by François Velde
Heraldry by Countries, by François Velde
Héraldique européenne, by Arnaud Bunel (In French)
One of the best heraldry sites dedicated to French Heraldry with plenty of arms depicted.
Heraldry in Scotland, by James Dempster
Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry
Heraldry - Buthlaw's Armorial
Heraldry / Héraldique - Canada (The Canadian Armorial)
Heraldic America
A Site About North American Heraldry, Daniel Cogné & John Kennedy
Les liens de Genea Guide (In French)
With links to Associations and Societies in France, Europe and elsewhere.
Ramperger's Homepage on Genealogy, Heraldry & History (In German)
Heraldry in Sweden, by Elias Grandqvist - (In English and Swedish)
With links to other sites on Northern European Heraldry.
Heraldry in New Zealand, by F. Velde
Heratlas, by Jean Marc Frénéa (in French, with Introduction in English)
Excellent site with Armorial of the French Kings and of the Provinces.
History & Art in the coat of arms of the Popes, by Roberto Piperno
An excellent site lavishly illustrated with coats of arms of the Popes taken from monuments and art pieces.
Polish Web Armorial, by Kaj Malachowski
Heráldica Portuguesa, by L. Belard da Fonseca (In Portuguese)
A brand new site on Portuguese Heraldry, including an armorial of Royal Arms and family Arms and a glossary. With plenty of images.
L'Araldica Italiana (In Italian)
Coats of Arms from Ireland and around the World By Eddie Geoghegan
An interesting site with an Irish Armorial and Irish Regional Coast of Arms. It has also a links page.
Elizabethan heraldry
Excellent site with pages on Heralds and Heraldry in Elizabethan England (J. Neitz) and Blazons of the Arms of the Peers of England.
Standards and Pinsils and Pennons ...
A Cursory Glance at Medieval Flags and Banners by Donna Hrynkiw.
Heraldry and Arms
Heraldic Harbinger
Civic Heraldry of England & Wales (by Robert Yong)
The Russian Coat of Arms
Armory of Flemish Nobles ...
Catholic Encyclopdia - Ecclesiastical Heraldry

Section 3: Societies, Institutions, Artists & Booksellers

The College of Arms (London)
Heraldry Society (U.K.)
The Heraldry Society of Scotland
The Court of the Lord Lyon
Cambridge University Heraldic & Genealogical Society
Honours & Heraldry in Canada - Heraldry
The Heraldry Society of Canada
In English and French.
Heraldry Australia Inc.
The Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra Inc.
South Australian Genealogy & Heraldry Society Inc. (Adelaide)
The Institute of Heraldic & Genealogical Studies
From Canterbury, Kent, U.K.
The American College of Heraldry
A private organization dedicated to Heraldry.
The Russian College of Heraldry
Heraldiska Samfundet(Swedish & English)
The Swedish Heraldry Society's Site.
Another Scandinavian Heraldry Society.
Les associations ou organismes de généalogie, héraldique, onomastique... (In French)
Useful links to genealogy & heraldry societies and associations.
Heraldry Today
One of the best specialised bookshops in Europe, offering new and second-hand books on Heraldry, Royalty, Genealogy, Orders of Chivalry, etc. Catalogues on-line provided.

Section 4: Web Catalogues

Heraldry on the Internet, by James P. Wolf
Heraldique Europeenne
Heraldry Society of Canada - Heraldry Links page
Cyndi's List on Heraldry

Section 5: Personal Arms

The Armorial Bearings of Redmond
Coat of Arms of J. Stewart A. LeForte
Barry Gabriel's Armorial Achievement
The Armorial Bearings of Canadian Kinghts of the EOHSJ (by V. Shaun Redmond).
The Armorial of Canadian Members of the SMHOSJJ,(by V. Shaun Redmond).

Section 6: Miscellaneous

Swan Pursuivant Clip Art
Fancy coats of arms and crests created in computer. clip art free-ware.

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