G. Britain VIII

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R. Cunliffe Shaw R. Cunliffe SHAW, M. Sc.,
Motto: «Nunquam Non Paratus»

H. Prive, sculp.
Eldred Oldham
Motto: «Vita Est Vigilia»
John Allen
Isobel Radnor, Baroness Radnor
Motto: «Patria Cara Carior Libertas»

Lambeth Palace Library Lambeth Palace Library
Arms of the See of Canterbury
The Heraldry Society of Scotland

Harold Johnston Storey's arms granted by the Chief Herald of Ireland (1979)

Artist: H. Ellis Tomlinson, 1982

Note: The bookplates posted were kindly submitted by Mr. Harold J. Storey (England), an avid Heraldic Bookplate Collector, to whom we warmly extend our sincere gratitude.

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