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Hon. Sir George Rothe Bellew, K.C.B., K.C.V.O.(b.1899), Garter King of Arms (1950-1961)
Note: Original in colour.

Charles Aubrey Hamilton Franklyn. Motto: «Pro Rege Patria et Familia». Artist: Wheeler Holohan, 1923

Charles Aubrey Hamilton Franklyn. Motto: «Hold Fast». Artist: John R. Sutherland (1932); Banners: Arms of Exeter Coll., Oxford Univ. & of London University
Charles Aubrey Hamilton Franklyn
Motto: «Pro Rege Patria et Familia»
Artist: John R. Sutherland (1924)
Barry Maclean-Eltham, (d. 1998).
Motto:«Honore Servire»
Artist: Himself.
Reverend Frank Milner Best, M.A. (Oxon)
Motto: «Be Strong in the Lord»
Artist: (?) 1952
David H. Scholes
Motto:«Opera Amor Excellentia»
Artist: Gordon Macpherson
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