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Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid, 1st Baronet (cr. 1841); (1778-1859)
Sir Isaac Goldsmid was a famous London Banker of Portuguese Jewish ascendancy and one of the founders of the University of London. In 1845, Queen Mary II of Portugal created himBaron of Goldsmid da Palmeira (for two generations). He was also Knight Commander of the Order of the Tower & of the Sword. The baronetcy became extinct in 1896 with the death of his grand-son the Right Hon. Sir Julian Goldsmid, 3rd. Bt. The Portuguese title was renewed, in 1906, by king Charles I, on behalf of his great-grand-daughter Lady Violet Goldsmid Hoffnung, (2 nd. Baroness), m. to Sidney Francis Hoffnung.
Sir Isaac Goldsmid was married to a cousin, daughter of Abraham Goldsmid, whose arms impale his in the bookplate.
Motto:«Concordia et Sedulitate».
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Sir Atwell Lake, 6 th. Baronet (cr. 1711)(d. 1897)
The 1 st & 8 th quarterings bear the augmentation of honour granted by King Charles I to Sir Edward Lake, for his loyalty and services.
Motto: «Un Dieu, un Roy, un Coeur»
John Lane
Inscr.: Middle Temple
Everard Green, Esq., F.S.A. (1844-1926), Rouge Dragon Pursuivant
Artist: G. W. Eve (1895)
Charles Arthur Wynne FINCH
Inscr.: 1883
John Charles Wynne FINCH
Artist: Harry Soane, sculp. 1904
Motto: «Aperto Vivere Voto»
Note: The bookplates posted were kindly submitted by Mr. Harold J. Storey (England), an avid Heraldic Bookplate Collector, to whom we warmly extend our sincere gratitude.

Notes: The great majority of Portuguese titles were granted for life and thus were not hereditary. In some grants though the monarch extended the concession for two, generally three generations, in which case the next-in-line would have to apply for the renewal of the title. As regards the titles whose creation dated prior to 1834, it became a custom in Portugal for the monarchs to renew or extend the grant beyond the previously conceded "lives", turning the title virtually hereditary in the family of the first grantee. These same practice has generally been followed in late years by the Council of the Nobility - private body created by Senhor D. Duarte Nuno, late Duke of Braganza , who has the charge of recognising or registering the legitimate use of titles of nobility and the grant of arms in Portugal.
Further reading: Malcom S. HOWE, From Wellington to Sandeman: a survey of the British enobled by Portuguese Monarchs (1811-1910, in «Genealogia & Heráldica, Lisboa 1986», I.P.H., Lisboa, 1989, pp. 158-159; Debrett's Peerage & Knightage, 1904; Nobreza de Portugal e do Brasil, Afonso M. Zuquete, (dir.), vol. II, Lisboa, 1960.

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