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Sir Henry Hickman Bacon, Premier Baronet of England, 10 th. Baronet of Redgrave, (suc. 1864, d. 1872)
Motto: «Mediocria Firma»
Sir Hickman Beckett Bacon, (1855-1945),Premier Baronet of England, 11 th. Baronet of Redgrave (cr. 1611) and 12 th. Baronet of Mildenhall, (cr. 1627); (suc. 1872).
Motto: «Mediocria Firma»
Sir Nicholas Henry Bacon, Premier Baronet of England, 12 th. Baronet, (2 nd. son of 11 th. Bt., suc. 1945)
Motto: «Mediocria Firma»
Sir Paul Benthall, K.B.E. & Lady Mary Benthall
Motto: « Tende Bene et Alta Pete»
John De La Poer Beresford
Motto: «Nil Nisi Cruse»
John Henry De La Poer Beresford, 5 th. Marquis of Waterford , P.C., K.P. (1844 -1895)
Motto: «Nil Nisi Cruse»
Archbishop John George De La Poer Beresford (1773-1862), Archbishop of Armagh (Ireland)
(He was the 2nd. son of the 1st. Marquis of Waterford)
Motto: «Nihil Nici Cruce»
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