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The Officers of Arms

Name: Conrad Marshall John Fisher Swan, C.V.O., Ph. D., F.S.A. & Lady Hilda Susan Mary Northcote

Garter King of Arms

Artist: JB (1993)

Arms: (ancestral arms conf. 1967) Azure, a cross formy within a horseshoe or, a bordure compony counter compony or and gules.

Crest: Out of an ancient crown or a sparrow hawk rising gules holding in the dexter claw a horseshoe as in the arms.

Note: For another bookplate of the armiger see, Bookplates by Gordon Macpherson- V

Name: Henry Edgar Paston-Bedingfeld

York Herald

Artist: Norman Mannering (Herald Painter at the College of Arms)

Arms: Quarterly, 1st & 4th, Ermine an eagle displayed Gules (Bedingfeld) ; 2nd & 3rd, Argent six fleurs de Lis azure three, two and one, a chief indented Or (Paston); over all a label of three points azure for difference. Arms quartered by Royal Licence 1830.

Crests: 1 - An eagle displayed or (Bedingfeld); 2 - a griffin sejant wings elevated or gorged with a collar therefrom a line held in the beak and terminating in a ring gules (Paston)

Mottoes: 1 - Despicio Terrena Solem Contemplor (Bedingfeld); 2 - De Mieulx Je Pense En Mieulx (Paston)

Name: Charles John Burnett

Ross Herald of Arms

Artist: Romilly Squire, of Glasgow

Name: Hon. Sir George Rothe Bellew, K.C.B., K.C.V.O., F.S.A. (b.1899)

Garter King of Arms (1950-1961)

Arms: Sable fretty or.

Note: Original in colour.

Name: Everard Green, Esq., F.S.A. (1844-1926)

Rouge Dragon Pursuivant

Artist: G. W. Eve (1895)

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