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Bookplate Artists

These pages are dedicated to individual artists who have regularly created heraldic bookplates of consistent artistic quality and quantity to make them well known in the field of Heraldic bookplates. Many of their works are represented in the bookplate collections of the editors and serious ex libris collectors around the world.

The artists listed here represent some of the contemporary artists from Canada and Portugal and a selection of the North American artists (mid-XIXth - XXth centuries) who became known as the «little masters» due to their excellence in engraving and heraldic design. The listing is obviously far from exhaustive and many other past and contemporary artists (namely, from England, Germany, Austria, Holland and Belgium and other countries) would deserve a page in this site. 

We hope that with the contribution of our visitors who are interested in heraldic bookplates the Cyber Journal can grow in quality and recognize the fine work of other heraldic bookplate artists by posting pages dedicated to their work.


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